Friday, June 10, 2011

iTunes in the Cloud Versus Other Music Services (PCWorld)

iCloud vs. the Competition; click for full-size image.Comparison Chart: iCloud vs. the CompetitionThe introduction of Apple's iCloud service, plus iTunes integration--announced during Steve Jobs's keynote address at this morning'sWorldwide Developers Conference--was arguably the most significant announcement of the day. The big question about Apple's iTunes in the Cloud offering is, How does it compare to Google Music Beta and Amazon Cloud Drive?
The short answer: Not all that well. The difference comes down to one major feature that iCloud lacks: online streaming. Initially there was some confusion over whether the service would support streaming of your music over Wi-Fi or 3G. But Apple has confirmed to us that it does not. Unlike Amazon Cloud DriveGoogle Music Beta, and mSpot Music, your music from iCloud is downloaded to your device, where it takes up local storage (see the chart at left for a comparison of each service's features).

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