Saturday, April 16, 2011

in app purchase

Will app developer want to change there in app purchase  for kid or do they hope that little kid will get a hold of there parents device and run up the bill price.

Friday, April 15, 2011

YouTube Users Not Thrilled With New Copyright School

YouTube Users Not Thrilled With New Copyright School: "Google (and YouTube before it was bought) has taken a variety of steps over the years to educate its users on copyright issues and discipline them when the message doesn’t get through. The latest of those is being called Copyright School; it’s a combination video and quiz that YouTube...

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Netflix's Kinect support goes live for Xbox 360

Netflix's Kinect support goes live for Xbox 360: "As promised back at CES, Microsoft on Thursday quietly pushed out a title update to the Xbox 360 to add Kinect support for Netflix. The upgrade lets those with the motion control camera navigate their video queue through hand gestures. Voice commands also work for typical playback controls....


Copyright School For Youtube User's

Youtube is send it's user to school for copyright and try to tell more people how to use video

No iPhone 5 At WWDC 2011

Were all starting to get the feeling that there will not be a new iPhone until later this year. there saying that the iPhone will be out after summer a long with iOS 5.

New Window Phone 7 Ad By Brandon Foy

There Is New Window Phone 7 Ad Make By  Brandon Foy. And if 200k of you love it too, we'll put it on TV. Help him make it to prime time.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Loose Change 2nd Edition (Full)

This Is A Must See About 9/11

If You Though You Knew All There Was About 9/11 Think Again

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Driverless Tractor Wreaks Parking Lot Havoc [VIRAL VIDEO]

IOS 4.3.2 Expected in April

IOS 4.3.2 Expected in April: "Apple is planning to release iOS 4.3.2 within the next two weeks, according to reports.

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Canada's New Democratic Party promises national broadband and net neutrality

Canada's New Democratic Party promises national broadband and net neutrality: "Canada's left-leaning New Democratic Party have unveiled their Internet campaign promises for this election; they're a stark contrast to the Tories, who've vowed to re-engineer Canada's network to make it easier to spy on Canadians without a court order. Instead, the NDP promises to extend broadband (wired and wireless) across the nation, to force the CRTC (the national telcoms regulator) to be more responsive to consumer interests, and to enshrine net neutrality (a term coined by Canadian Tim Wu!) into law.

* We will apply the proceeds from the advanced wireless spectrum auction to ensure all Canadians, no matter where they live, will have quality high-speed broadband internet access;

* We will expect the major internet carriers to contribute financially to this goal;

* We will rescind the 2006 Conservative industry-oriented directive to the CRTC and direct the regulator to stand up for the public interest, not just the major telecommunications companies;

* We will enshrine 'net neutrality' in law, end price gouging and 'net throttling,' with clear rules for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), enforced by the CRTC;

* We will prohibit all forms of usage-based billing (UBB) by Internet Service Providers (ISPs);

* We will introduce a bill on copyright reform to ensure that Canada complies with its international treaty obligations, while balancing consumers' and creators' rights.

NDP Unveils Its Digital Economy Strategy: Reshaping Internet Access in Canada

(Image: Rainbows, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from jaqian's photostream)