Saturday, September 18, 2010

Removed alot of Ads from our site

I am Glad to say that now were start to group in view i have remove a lot of the ads on our site and hope that you coming to view the site to help support the blogger of the site to keep it runing

Friday, September 17, 2010

Window Phone 7

Hey Every i just hear that window phone 7 will be only available for GSM Model of window phone 7 in this year because i think there wait for LTE with 4G connectivity with becuause all cell company have began there slow move to TLE.

Play station 3 With 3D

The Sonny Play Station 3 will be add support for blue-ray 3D  on the play station 3 hardware. But I`m Pretty Sure That Will Still Require 3D glass and a 3D TV Set to make it all work and make it  look good.

3D Blu-ray movie support starting September 21

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Microsoft Window Phone Dev Tool

Today Microsoft launch there window phone 7 dev tool and now up there for download. I try Early to download it for myself and there was an error so i going to try again later tonight.

So if you head on over to you see the new great window phone 7.  While your there check out the blog for updates at Window Phone Blog  And Window Phone 7 Dev Blog

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 Review

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New Is Coming

I Think I Should Write A Blog Post About the new and the roll out start day and say it could be few week before everyone get the new hopefully i get my soon to i can do a review of it for you guy and get some screenshot of it post up too

So Far What i Saw Of it look like to will be a great upgrade to twitter now

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If you have the new please tell what you think about it in the comment
thank a lot everyone

New Look And Feel

we redone the website for beter readable and made room so now we will be write all  our blog blog relate to emailforehlp right here on our great looking blogspot site now so keep checking back for more update on technology reviews and support question you can just e-mail me at for you technology help or if you want to review something that e-mail me your story or review and i will post them right here on my blog and please put in the subject line of review put review in the subject line and story but story in the subject line thank every one

And Please Feel Free To Leave Comment On the you think of the new website look and what you think we can do to make it better for all my user

Thank Everyone For Your Time Today

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

iPod Touch Camera Test

This Video Is From The Back Camera

Video From Front Facing Camera

And I Will Give you Guy and Girl out there Great Book Pick That Im Reading Right Now