Friday, April 22, 2011

Netflix Tips

Netflix tips. If you have a prepaid credit and you wanna watch the Netflix Canada you can't but I found a way so I thought I blog about it. You can sign up for a paypal account and link your credit card account with netflixs and only buy gift subscribe for netflix and you will be all set to go
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I'm at Mister Thomson...

I'm at Mister Thomson and I'm writing this post via dial2do. I'm testing it out. I might be doing a lot more blogging in the other phone. It just worked so well. So stay tune to that.
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to Prepare If You Think You Might Lose Your Job [Career]

How to Prepare If You Think You Might Lose Your Job [Career]: "
If you're starting to get an unnerving feeling that your job is on the line, you can do a lot to soften the blow in the unfortunate event you do lose your employment. Preparing now can help you deal with the financial and emotional strain that comes with job loss. Here's how. More »


This Week In Google 91: Ixnay On The Enispay

This Week In Google 91: Ixnay On The Enispay: "

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Gina Trapani

Playbook hits the street, upcoming tablets with Honeycomb, iPhone's logging your locations, and more.

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Running time: 1:31:42


Tech News Today 225: Don't Get A Bug On VD Day

Tech News Today 225: Don't Get A Bug On VD Day: "

Hosts: Tom Merritt, Iyaz Akhtar and Jason Howell

How safe are your dropbox files from prying eyes?, The iPhone is tracking you, NYTimes makes money off Twitter, and more.

Guest: Scott Johnson

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Tracking File Found in iPhones

Tracking File Found in iPhones: "Two programmers said their research showed that Apple iPhones and iPads began tracking and storing their locations in a hidden file a year ago.


Apple, Facebook planned integration in iOS 4?

Apple, Facebook planned integration in iOS 4?: "An investigation into the inner workings of earlier releases of iOS 4 reveal that Apple and Facebook -- who were working together on Ping at the time -- were originally planning more Facebook integration into iOS than eventually happened, 9to5Mac reports. Had the Ping talks, which went on for 18 months, been fruitful, iOS users might have also had further photo, contact and sync integration with the social networking service than presently exists....


New Browser For iPhone

There is brand new browser out the iPhone and iPod Touch called Rockmelt that right now on the iPhone and iPod Touch

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Twitter Homepage

There is a new twitter homepage

Here screen grab of the page

Dropbox Not Secure

DropBox is not as secure. dropdox change there term of service now to read this they will baseic hand over any file or folder to law enforcement. so may sure you secure you own file with password.

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Access all your files on-the-go, instantly and securely with SugarSync - Try FREE for 30 days!

Surprise! Your iPhone Is Tracking Your Every Move

Surprise! Your iPhone Is Tracking Your Every Move: "

Thanks to CSI and every action movie ever using it as a plot device, everyone knows that cell phones make you easier to track. Between cell tower triangulation and remote GPS pinging services, you’re trackable to the nth degree as soon as your shiny new smartphone slips into your pocket.

But here’s a twist: what if your phone not only kept a record of where you are, but also where you’ve been? According to research announced today, that’s exactly what the iPhone has been doing for months.

At today’s Where 2.0 Conference in Santa Clare, researchers Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden announced that both the iPhone and 3G iPads are storing a persistent list of locations and timestamps, and have been doing so since iOS 4′s release. While that’s mysterious and somewhat spooky in and of itself, it gets a bit stranger: the “consolidated.db” file is synced (in plaintext) as part of your iPhone backup, which means that it’s chillin’ on any machine you’ve synced your iPhone with recently. This data can then be taken and mapped to show where you’ve been and where you’ve gone since the last time you cleared everything off your device.

Now, before you bust out the pitchforks: as far as anyone can tell, Apple doesn’t seem to be doing with this data. They don’t seem to be phoning it home or transferring it beyond your machine, so anyone without access to your backups can’t peruse through your every move. Also, the precision of your stored location seems to be incredibly varied. Unless you’ve got backups on a bunch of machines (and, more importantly, unless you’re someone whose location over the past year anyone would actually care about), there’s no immediate danger presented here.

Still, there’s plenty of reason to be irked by this: now that the information is out there, tools to sift through the data are undoubtedly on the way. Hell, the aforementioned researchers have already built one that lets you mash it up against a map. Got an angry ex trying to prove that you were seeing someone else while the divorce was still in progress? Hope she doesn’t have a backup of your iPhone. Taking it one step further into the creep-zone, this seems like something that could potentially be used as evidence in a criminal case. Just don’t ever be in the wrong place at the wrong time ever again, right?

So, are there any legit reasons for Apple to be storing this data? Sure. Maybe they’re using it to map signal strength/call quality. Maybe it’s required for some technical reason that I can’t come up with. Maybe it’s just accidental debug output from when they were testing the GPS. Whatever it is, though, it’s creepy, and Apple should definitely explain it with haste.


Facebook Says It May Be Allowing 'Too Much' Free Speech In Some Nations

what will facebook to make a free Speech on facebook if they think of to take a way our free Speech
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost