Friday, November 19, 2010


Now we want to get you the reader feedback on think we can do better to help you the reader get the most out of the blog at make it more about what you the reader would like to see from the blog

so please help us help you 
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hopeful we get some useful info on what you like for the blog

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Facebook New Messaging Upgrade

Facebook Has Upgrade the Messaging Service and if you have a username on e-mail but if you do not have a username you will not get a e-mail

but i do like the fact the you will get you message in real time with your instant chat if your online

so recommand the you sign up for you user right now at

but they do not want people to say that it going kill gmail or thing like that there just saying they want to make easy for people to contact you the way that them want

this has slow roll out over month
like my publie e-mail will be once it roll out it will be

To Ready The Facebook Blog Post at

To get Request invite to the new messaging on facebook goto this link

Rockmelt Browser

So Right Now I`m Slowly Move Off Of Chrome Because Of This New Browser Call Rockmelt It Great For social Media Build right in to the browser

So if you really want to keep up with all your friend and feed`s Check There Browser and ask for an invite at
Rockmelt and i give away some invite over twitter so make sure you follow me there

Sunday, November 14, 2010

facebook messages

I am wondering about this new Facebook event that they say will bring e-mail to facebook. Because don't people have e-mail already so why switch to the Facebook e-mail system with all there Privacy and now we  have to just wait and see torrowom 

So will you use Facebook e-mail if they come out with it??

that my question to you the reader

i high recommand this book it a great read or you like get it at Audible