Thursday, January 13, 2011

Window Live Writer Review

Now using Window Live Writer to Write My blog on Wordpress and Blogger love about the great plug-in for the software like stuff like emoticon, music, video images and photo album sharing also Great Bing Maps As Show Below 


Map picture


3D Real or Not

Is 3D real for people to buy yet and would you buy one

Because I Think that people do not wont the 3D TV Set and i just see it just as anther feature of the set and not as a 3D like HDTV were people pretty much have all upgrade too

2007072307133692733_300x300 3d-tv

So Would You Buy One

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blog Change's

Last week i make a choice to change the look of the blog for easer to find what your looking for and get the last tech info.

But these days there are so many blog and website that my site most not be that easy to find.

Back to the change i'v made to the blog i have remove most of the ads from the blog and now you only get about two ads on each page.

Also made it much simpler to read and find the content you looking for on the site.

Also were looking for some helper to help write the blog and keep update with the last tech new's and info
So If you Want To Help Me Blog The Last Tech New E-mail

Keep Read And Make Sure To Check In Daily For Update on The Tech New's And Info

Verizon's iPhone Is Here

The  Verizon's iPhone Now here on  Verizon for $199 Starting Next Month on the 10th 2011 
Pre-Order on the 3 of the month and only can pre-order online 
There is Also Now A Still No White iPhone 

The iPhone For  Verizon isi a CDMA iPhone Only and not a duo band phone like we though it would be. So when you get a call it will drop you data unless on WiFi. But it Dose have a mobile hotspot for up to 5 device at no more cost to your data cost's for the feature