Thursday, January 03, 2013

News About MineCastShow And Thing Were Doing To Build A Community

We have now just choose to launch a reddit community around Minecast and Minecraft where people can share and let us know about cool thing they have build or we like to let us know about over so feel free to post screenshot and world and over great content over. lately we also launch our own forums for great minecraft stuff too we also now have finesh the Facebook Page by adding a Cover Photo And Profile photo for the page so yeah that whats going on around Minecast. please also feel free to post you comment and thoughs below and thanks for all your support as we launch this and trying and make think better for you the community.

MineCast EP4- Talking About Minecraft 1.4.7 Pre-Release

We have now updated the Minecast Server to the new Minecraft 1.4.7 Pre-Relase And We talk a bit what what happen a and we also talk about what been happening on the server seens the last  episode of MineCast. Mojang Blog Post About Minecraft Pre-Release 1.4.7 & Downloads Subcribe To My Channel Please Also Subcribe To The Shows YouTube Channel  If you want to come hang out and watch and chat follow our Twitch Channel Also please rate comment and subcribe to our channel Twitch Channel Twitter Facebook Google+