Friday, January 07, 2011

3D TV At CES 2011

This year at CES the next biggest i think would be \3D TV's With there no Glass 3D and some more of that is like realD for the 3D so now you can get glass at the movie and bring they home and you use them with you TV Set

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Big Think At CES

The biggest thing were seeing is touch Computer as well as company going right after the iPad and make the touch screen computing with android was of them say the you well see them when Android 3.0.
Which we have a video of here on the blog

Android 3.0 Honeycomb (Video)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Wish PR Company Would Look At My Blog

Wish more PR Company would like at person blog to do review for the product’s and give me and blog blog a chance to show they what type’s of people i can send them for there company’s

I Also return a product i review

my contact info

Hoping To Here From You Guy And Girl’s

Monday, January 03, 2011

Great New Tech News App For Chrome


There this new Google chrome app for get the least in tech news at

This Dose Work In All Browser

Right Now It is Still In Beta so there looking for your help to complete it.

but it really good place to get the news if your in to tech.

Really Been Enjoying Using to read up on all the lasted tech story out

So Give a try



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Apple iPad Or More iPhone Choose

While Apple Steal The Thunder For CES For The Seced time in a row

With An New iPad Or More Place To Get A iphone From

Can't Wait For CES

While It Now That Time Of Year Again With CES Coming Up Really Fast On Us.

Wondering what will see at event like showstopper at CES if while see some of those crazy gizmo's like we did last year 

Hoping To See Some Great 4K TV Set  at CES this year

to get more update info on what going at the goto

There Will Also be a lot more table computer at the show this run Google 3.0 android

This week is the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, CES 2011


This week is the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas and all the big tech companies will be attending to show off their new products for 2011. 

Were going blogging about all the great new products that we see on all the great staff we see and if you like to watch live your welcome at TWiT Live For The Next Week Starting Wednesday for the blog or just check by daily.

Because I do not have a lot of money to pay to go to CES so maybe next year i will some how get to go