Friday, May 13, 2011

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Google I/O 2011 Keynote Day 1

Android device can now be use as a USB host like plug in a camera into the table and import you photo.
Google TV will be getting android market and the new version of the android OS moving in 2011 to ice cream sandwich.

Starting to Day there are now Android movie rent in android market it. Background download of movie that you have rent though the android market  so you can watch them on an airplane with no connect. but there is one bad thing about this is you only get 24hr after you started watching it.

There new music service from Google at Google Music but once again this is only in the US not outside the US.
Android At Home this make it so you Android Phone be able to talk to things around you home in the demo they turn on and off the light in the hall.

The Google Chrome Keynote tomorrow so please check back tomorrow for that

Memolane Allows Users To Review Their Social Media History

I’ve always been bugged that I couldn’t look back in time. After all, last week I celebrated my 10th year blogging (I first blogged December 15, 2000) but looking back isn’t all that easy.
It’s even worse today because we’re spreading our behavior over so many different sites. Heck, I tweet. I Flickr. I YouTube. I WordPress. I Tumble. I Google. I TripIt.
Today two services added new history features: Memolane and Foursquare (Foursquare mostly added new photo and comment features, but they also now let you look back in time, I don’t remember being able to do that before).
Memolane, though, takes the cake. Here, look back at my timeline on Memolane. You’ll see photos, checkins, tweets, status messages. All in a unique timeline and you can look back pretty far.
Unfortunately only the last 3,000 tweets or so are on the timeline. Also, only the last 50 blog posts, or so, are there (RSS only lets you put a few into the system). Flickr, though, goes all the way back to when I started using that service.
Over on Foursquare I can look back at my history (unfortunately, unlike with Memolane, I can’t make this public, friends can only see the last few checkins. I do add everyone who asks if you want to check those out). From now on it’ll show photos from Instagram, Foodspotting, and PicPlz. Great stuff and brings that service up to par with Whrrl and Gowalla, which had that capability for most of the year.

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Monday, May 09, 2011

Google I/O Predictions (quick version)

Just thought I'd throw out some quick predictions for Google I/O. I'm sure there will be more in-depth coverage once the event kicks off.

1. Honeycomb SDK is finally released.

2. GoogleTV is completely forgotten, as is Google Wave.

3. Google unveils their new attempt at cornering the social media market.

Empire Avenue: The Newest Thing in Social Media

Is it a game, a social media exchange, a social media measurement tool or a rating system? Empire Avenue has been the eye candy of the social media world since the last month or so. Being an avid admirer of innovation in social media, I couldn’t resist the temptation to jump aboard the Empire Avenue bandwagon.

What is Empire Avenue?
To be honest, I think it’s difficult to design Empire Avenue in one word. It’s a social media exchange – part game, part ratings that simulates a virtual stock market based on social interactions and the concept of online influence. It provides a stock exchange platform where you can literally buy and sell shares in your ever-expanding network and be rewarded for your strategic thinking and tactful maneuvers. There’s an Empire Avenue website and an associated Facebook app which doubles up the fun.

How do you play Empire Avenue?
It’s a virtual stock market game that thrives on social media. Every new user who signs up becomes a “stock” that can be bought and sold using play money. Whether anyone buys your stock depends on your perceived value which in turn is determined by 1) how many people have bought shares in you and 2) how active you are on leading social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.
In my opinion, the underlying concept behind Empire Avenue is simple yet brilliant – it leverages a person’s social media activity graph/ popularity to determine their net worth. The more active you are on social networks, the higher your stock price goes.

Why Empire Avenue?
Empire Avenue provides a fun way of tracking your ability to leverage social media effectively. It serves as an invaluable social media exchange and connects you to some of the best minds (me included) in the social media world. In business terms, Empire Avenue can be used to connect with individuals for recruitment, advertising or reaching out to like minded individuals.
Moreover, since your perceived value is at stake, it gives you another reason to be serious about your social media endeavors.

Business Perspective
It would be foolish to write off Empire Avenue as just another social media game/ pass time. A number of heavyweights including Audi, FORD and Intel have joined the Empire Avenue bandwagon and I’d expect other leading B2B brands to be on board sooner than later.

Buy me out!
I’d encourage my readers/ followers to join Empire Avenue and purchase my shares. Here’s a link to my profile – I am still pretty inexpensive but it’s a matter of time before my shares skyrocket icon wink Empire Avenue: The Next Big Thing in Social Media
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