Wednesday, March 02, 2011

iPad 2

Apple today show off the new iPad 2 which like really slim down. This new iPad also Brand new CPU there moving from A4 CPU to there new chip whick A5 CPU. It also has a better graph chip which they say has 9X better graph. There is also a new way to show off what your iPad 2 can do with a new HDMI adopter which will mirroring. all storage is still the same with 16GB model and 32GB model and 64GB Model as well which is the same as last year so there is no bigger model like i though they may do with a 128GB Model.

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Tech Specs For iPad 2
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There Will Also Be iOS update when iPad Ship to Store`s to iOS 4.3

Apple announces iPad 2

Apple - Introducing iPad 2

Apple - iPad - Introducing the iPad Smart Cover

Hope Yeah Something i forgot to put in the write up. There two camera on the iPad 2. There Is also a white and black iPad 2 Now They Steve say will ship both at the same time.

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