Friday, November 26, 2010

Netflix payment

today i pay netflix and then they did not restore my service and they say they no payment was to them but i have an e-mail that say my credit card was charge 8.49 for the month of Netflix service and so i call them and they say no payment was made to them

they did not even tell that it could take some time to get the payment or nothing like that and then they told 3 to 5 working day's to get a refund of my money which mean they must have got my payment

Event My Screen on my Netflix Account say the next bill payment is due on Dec, 21 2010 

so why would they just give my Netflix

so hope this can be fix ASAP

Well i call-in again and they told me to wait 15 min and it would be fix but now it the next day and still not fix and i really tire of calling them to get this fix

so i guess i will call one more time today on friday before the post gose out

Hoping Everything will be fix now with Netflix

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