Tuesday, October 05, 2010

New DroboProFS

Introducing DroboPro FS

The DroboPro FS is a file server designed to make it easy for you to share and backup data. It is the safest way yet to store your files. DroboPro FS protects against single or dual drive failures (the choice is yours). Its dual Ethernet ports protect against network failure.
DroboPro FS will automatically backup all of its files to a twin unit at an offsite location. Your data is protected from fire, flood, or theft. Backup is incremental, only new files, or parts of files that have changed are transferred. Setup is dead simple. Now you can sleep at night.
DroboPro FS is ideal for small businesses (25-50 users). It has 8 drive bays and lets you increase capacity at any time by simply adding a drive. You can mix and match drives of different sizes, from different manufacturers. supports up to 16TB of capacity. As larger drives become available, DroboPro FS will let you grow with them.

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